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Dave Carmen is a practicing registered architect with his firm, established in Granby, Mass. Educated and trained as an architect, not until later was he able to devote his creative energies to his real passion and talent for art.

Though he does not have a formal art degree, he has attended numerous classes at the Springfield Art Museum, Northampton Art Guild and studio classes with Palmer, MA artist, Jeff Kern.

With his architectural background and art training, he has developed and sharpened his artistic skills and has exhibited and won first and second place in pastel and oils at the annual Blandford, Mass. fairgrounds in 2004 and 2005.

His art work is derived from images acquired from visits to various countries around the world. He is presently working on oil paintings from Israel and Greece.

Dave enjoys working in several mediums, one of which is pastels. “Because you are working with the raw pigments and applying this directly onto the paper, you feel a more direct connection to your work and transfer of intellectual feelings.”

At the present, he is working with oil on canvas. He enjoys this medium because of the richness and depth given to the finished painting.

Dave’s work is not limited to painting landscape scenery and buildings. His works include still life, animals and people.

Art is a constant learning process, and Dave likes to expand his art by experimenting with different mediums and learning new techniques.


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Dave Carmen, 15 Mary Lyon Drive, Granby, MA 01033

Phone & Fax: 413-467-9471  Email: dave@davecarmen.com